The Quick Guide to Bubble Security

Quick note:

This book is a companion product to The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Security. It covers a wide range of topics, but doesn't explain them in-depth. As the book is 300 pages long, this quick guide is meant to serve as an easy reference when setting up new applications or maintaining and deploying existing ones.

For Bubble developers who take security and privacy seriously

This short read covers the 30 most common security issues and vulnerabilities that I've seen over thousands of hours of app development, training and coaching. A mere 10-minute read, use this guide to stay on top of typical pitfalls and lesser known vulnerabilities.

Bubble offers great security but doesn't enforce it. As the developer, you are responsible for maintaining a high level of security and ensure the privacy of your Users. Security is not done once, but is a continuous effort to secure the data remains safe as you keep developing the application and deploy new updates.

  • 30 easily identifiable security measures you can use to improve your app
  • Link to further reading and videos on points (free resources)
  • Quick 10-minute read

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The Quick Guide to Bubble Security

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